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A quick visit with Dakota Thunder.

A quick visit with Dakota Thunder.


What does the Wild Wild West and the world’s largest buffalo have in common? You can find them both in Jamestown, North Dakota.

What a wonderful surprise right off the I-94. As we traveled west, we were excited to make this stop and explore Frontier Village.

When originally constructed, the Buffalo statue stood alone on a hill, south of Jamestown. Beginning in the mid-1960s, the city began expanding the site, with the collection of historic buildings moved there to recreate the look of a small Midwest town in the 1800s. Named Frontier Village, the village has grown to encompass several acres, with a collection of small town buildings and other attractions, including the National Buffalo Museum. Dakota Thunder still remains the featured attraction, along with the heard of Buffalo that roam there (try to spot the albino Buffalo!).

This was an adorable walk through history, exploring the old buildings and artifacts, which were surprisingly well kept, as the attraction was FREE.

Even chatting with some of the new baby goats that call Frontier Village home. There is a donation box at the entrance and we were happy to contribute to such a wonderful experience.

goofing off in the little playground area.

goofing off in the little playground area.

We had a blast, weaving in and out of the wild west. Taking pictures and incorporating some history lessons into our travel-schooling. Making conversation with all the wonderful volunteers and learning about the area.

Of course the real fun was visiting Dakota Thunder!! In 2010, the World's Largest Buffalo was actually named "Dakota Thunder", after a contest winner, voted the name.


Dakota, as he is fondly referred to, is a male bison in mid-stride, and is surprisingly anatomically correct.

He is 26 feet tall and 46 feet long and weighs just short of 60 tons. Constructed with stucco and cement shaped around a steel beam frame, shaped with wire mesh. Its incredible to stand next to him and appreciate the sheer size. He’s a BIG BOY.

Totally worth the stop.

When traveling through North Dakota, make plans to stop and visit this incredible sight for yourself. We think you’ll be glad you did.

Travelers tips-

If RV traveling, there is plenty of oversized parking, just follow the signs to the Buffalo museum.

If looking to overnight, there is a souvenir store and RV park on the street in (17th st) Frontier Fort RV Park.

OR you can do like we did, and overnight in the Walmart parking lot, just on the other side of the I-94, then wake up to go have breakfast with the buffalo.

Gooooo Thunder!!!

Museum and the baby goats.

Museum and the baby goats.

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