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The cutest little Library, St Joseph Island Ontario.

The cutest little Library, St Joseph Island Ontario.


Should you find yourself on St Josephs Island, near Sault Ste Marie, well… have we got a GEM of a kids activity for you!

As full time travelers, parents, and homeschoolers we are always on the look out for places to explore with the kiddos. Places that peak their interest, while providing some form of education to keep our homeschooling interesting. Also bonus points for places that don’t break the bank.

The Children’s Library checks all these boxes, and more.

We spent quite a few of our days visiting, reading, playing and crafting.

The upstairs room is adorable. The kids were even able to leave their mark, as librarian Megan helped them add their little hand prints to the wall.


The library runs a variety of activities including story time, crafts and after school programs. It is a true staple in the community, and it shows.

While visiting the island we had the opportunity to enjoy a few craft experiences where we painted pictures, created puppet shows, and even planted sunflowers in our self decorated cups. The kids always had a good time and we always enjoyed watching them interact and play.


I think what makes this little library so special is that its independently funded. So either by donation or fundraising. They receive no government assistance. Its pretty remarkable really.

The building its self was donated by Mrs Florence Orrell, a summer resident of the island. She had a vision of the beautiful Library as a place in the community.

Weather you’re an islander, a seasonal visitor or just passing through like we were. You won’t want to miss this great little spot for the kiddos. AND be sure you ask about the secret cupboard 😉

For more information on the Library you can check out their facebook page.

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