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NN Burger in Tappahannock VA

NN Burger in Tappahannock VA

Have you ever walked into a place and immediately just went, ahhhhh like the stars aligned, you knew it was going to be a good experience…

Well, that my friends, was our adventure at NN Burger. I went from hangry wife, to… ahhh zen momma in 3.5 seconds. Ok, so first comes the back story.

Imagine this, you’re driving along, heading to a planned family outing, when all of a sudden, your mommy fog clears and you realize you fed everyone in the vehicle, except yourself. (mommas, can you relate?)

AND then, like a rocket you go from easy going, happy wife to… HANGRY!!!

Then, like a sign from the universe you see this

Your Wife is Hungry, better get her to NNBurger

Your Wife is Hungry, better get her to NNBurger

Well thats exactly what we did.

My husband, the smart man that he is, recognized the symptoms immediately and got our family to NN Burger. STAT.

We were sooo impressed by this place, the atmosphere was super chill. There was excellent live music as soon as we walked in the door and it perfectly set the tone for a wonderful experience. TOTALLY our JAM!

The kiddos instantly, were drawn to the hand washing station, which as a parent of two young children, I salute you NN Burger. Anything that eliminates extra work for me, is a win in my book!

I have clean hands 👍🏻 sticker approved.

I have clean hands 👍🏻 sticker approved.

(But PS you totally want to check out the cool singing bathrooms)

While waiting in line we had a blast playing with the super cool photo booth props and interactive waiting process. Very worthy of “applause”.


Next we had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Smith, our order-taker extraodinaire. He was friendly and happily answered ALL my questions about the menu with outstanding recommendations.

We ordered and let me just tell you… the burgers are crazy, awesome good!

Joseph ordered the Sunrise burger topped with an egg, and I the Bacon Blue Cheese burger. ( did someone say bacon?)

They also make incredible milkshakes and twister chips…not to mention the Freakshake that suspiciously arrived at our table for dessert. Well played Mr. Smith, well played.


You guys, hear me when i say you have to get yourself to an NN Burger. My understanding is there are only two locations currently, but franchising opportunities are available so watch for this place to explode. For menu information and a whole lotta other information check out their website

If you are looking for a unique experience, we highly recommend checking this place out,. Its worth the drive to 303 Queen St, Tappahannock or 62 Irvington Road, Kilmarnock, VA. We will happily make the detour in our southbound travels, every chance we get. It’s a super rad venue, that supports local musicians as well as local organizations with their 365 days of giving.

I mean, what more could you ask for … Amazing food, great music and killer atmosphere.

Virginia you’ve got a true GEM right here!

Quick tidbit, the wood from all of their chairs, came from the floor, they ripped up from the previous business, in that location. Talk about recycling…

NN Burger you have our two thumbs up. Thanks for the excellent eating experience!


❤️ TheOilyTravelers

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