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The Jones's and their new RV...

The Jones's and their new RV...

Are you considering an RV? Did Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo inspire you somehow? What about your neighbour? Damn those Jones’s!


Here are 4 things to consider, before buying an RV.

1-How committed are you?

Why are you looking at buying an RV? Is your husband wanting to spend more time outdoors, making his new beard, worthy? Is your wife wanting the kids to spend less time on their electronics and hoping a campground without Wifi will resolve that issue? Did your neighbour buy a new RV and you feel the need for “Keeping up with the Jones’s”?

Just have a clear understanding of why you’re buying an RV? Plan a few outings ahead of time, book a seasonal spot on a campground and set yourself up, to WANT to use your RV. If you have an RV sitting in your driveway, it’s a waste of money and space. Be committed to using it!

Heck, you could even rent an RV for a weekend and see if it’s really for you…

2-What should you expect?

Your use depends on what the RV represents to your family and you. Are you going to use it sporadically or become a full-time RVer? How many people are traveling with you? Do you want to leave it permanently on a campsite or move around regularly with it? How far and how often will you be moving?

You should have an idea of what you want the RV for. There’s something to be said about road-tripping, leaving the comforts of your home and discovering new places, new people and new topography (WoW! I used a 4 syllable word, and in proper fashion too!!! Yeah, me!).

Remember when you were just a kid, and your parents took you to the lake or your summer campground and you used to play and swim all day, stay up late around the campfire, roasting marshmallows and listening to that one random guy, who could play guitar and sing at the same time? Is this something you want for your family?


It’s important to figure how much money you have or want to spend on your RV. If you want something very basic, to use once in a while, on weekends with the family, you can easily find a nice little travel trailer or Class C, for $5,000. Everything beyond that, will only go as far as your imagination.

Like any other motorized vehicle, an RV, loses value, it doesn’t gain value. When the day comes that you want to sell it, you won’t be turning a profit, so that’s a financial aspect that you’ll need to consider.

An RV is NOT a financial investment, it’s a lifestyle investment! The memories you’ll create while enjoying your RV, will stay with you forever and cannot be bought. So yes, buying an RV won’t make you money but it will give you stories to later, reminisce with your kids. “Remember that time we were at Lake Havasu and Mommy was feeding the ducks and one came up from behind and bit her in the bum, sending her into the lake?” Ha Ha Ha… Good times!!!”

4-Which RV should you sleep in tonight?

First, picking the right RV for you, can be incredibly overwhelming. There are a few different Classes of RVs (there are different Classes of RVs???), whether it’s a Class A (big motorhome thats looks like a live-in bus), a Class B (Westfalia campers or Sprinter van), a Class C (a Ford Econoline van with sleeping quarters above it), a travel trailer (bumper-pulled trailer) or a fifth wheel (pulled by a hitch, in the box of a pick-up truck).

Now, in each Class, there are variables (a Class A goes from an old Skoolie (converted yellow school bus for just a few thousand dollars) to a $2M+, 40’+ ft motorhome bus), travel trailers and fifth wheels. You can also get a Toy Hauler (hauling toys like quads, motorcycles, train sets, bunk beds or a small golf cart), heck a Class A or C can also come as a Toy Hauler... overwhelmed yet? The possibilities just go on and on and on, foreveeeeer! And that’s just the different types of RVs.

Every RV, presents an incredible variety of layouts. Do you want your couch on the left or right, do you or don’t you want an outdoor kitchen, dining booth or couch with tables, how may TVs, fireplace, bunk/Queen/King beds, washer/dryer, 1-2 or 3 AC units, generator included or not, Aluminum or wood frame, 1-2 or 3 axle, … overwhelmed yet again?

Here’s a crazy idea! Why don’t you go to an RV dealer or a tradeshow and figure out what works best? It’s a great way to sit and see which layout works, ask lots of questions and get a feel for the space. Of course, the RV dealer will hope you’re the impulsive type and respond to the old salesman catch phrase, “What do I need to do, to get you to leave with an RV today?” The right answer is, “Nothing”.

If anything, hit us up. We purchased a 44’ fifth wheel Toy Hauler and a big F-350 King Ranch 5 years ago, without every seeing them in person before purchasing. Was that the right move, debateable, but in most cases probably not. Did it work out for us? Absolutely, because we did an incredible amount of research, spoke to many, many dealers and continuously asked questions. We have now traded our fifth wheel for a 28’ travel trailer and are in the process of selling our truck, to downsize to smaller, more fuel-efficient truck. We were never disappointed with our purchases and we can help you, find the right RV, to start your adventures, as soon as you are ready!

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You should start a blog

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