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Everyone has their own opinion of what perspective looks like. For some, it means to take a giant step back and look at the Big Picture. OMG! The Big Picture… does that even exist? Is there anyone who really sees the Big BIG Picture or is that just a term the corporate world uses to add extra fees to your Comcast bill, for the airline to charge, for your extra bag while going on your dream and tightly budgeted Cancun trip or for posting the perfect Instagram photo instead of actually, enjoying the moment? Or is the Big Picture, a term used when you don’t actually know what the f**k is going on here?

Perspective can also mean, what does your life look like, through the eyes of your parents, neighbours (God! I hate the Jones’s…) or your Uncle Ronald, who keeps telling you how good you have it cause back in his day, he used to walk to school, in three feet of snow, uphill, both ways, pulling a school bus out of a ditch with his bare hand, while fighting off a pack of rabid wolves with the other… let’s be honest, unless he’s Ron Jeremy, he ain’t that strong!



.What if I told you perspective doesn’t matter? What if I said, anyone’s opinion of you, is none of your Goddamn business? It isn’t! And it’s not your job to change their perspective of you. They’re allowed to think what they want and even say what they want (without getting into details and legalities of defamation, obviously). Do you always agree with who your brother is marrying next September, how and where your parents are spending your inheritance or who your Bestie is sleeping with this week? Sure, we say we don’t judge… but we kinda do! So, why would we expect people to act differently with us, whether it’s to our face or not.

The bigger question is, why do you care?


If you know in your heart, that you’re doing the right thing, what does it matter what others think? You don’t think people tell us to our face, that our life is so inspiring, amazing and a great experience for our kids, to turn around, go home and laugh at us for living full-time in an RV, not owning a house like everyone else, home-schooling our kids on a WWOOFing farm this month (read more on WWOOFing here,, not knowing where we’re going in the Spring or that my wife resigned from a high paying, easy job, of which we had complete control of our own schedule? I believe most don’t, but I also guarantees some do! And that’s OK.

The only person I answer to, is my wife (oh yeah, and the kids too…). If we know and love what we’re doing, we’re gonna keep doing it.

Every time, I get on a plane and go to work as a flight attendant, I always, instinctively ask my coworkers/friends, “What would you do, if money were no object?” -Alan Watts. Everyone has an answer that doesn’t involve flight attendanting (wait, is that ever a word? Don’t know, don’t care. Moving along here…) and I always ask them, what are they doing to get closer to that dream, that vision and that “What would you do” answer. Too many times, I hear people fearing what other people will think cause it’s a crazy idea, it’s stupid, it’s not something normal people do. Let me say something here, most people hate what they do (since 2000, Gallup has polled millions of employees from nearly 200 countries around the world about their level of job satisfaction., 85% according to the Gallup poll. 85% of people hate their jobs and they spend a minimum of 40 hours/week at this job and you want to listen to their opinion about what you should do and what’s “normal”?

What would you do, if money were no object?

When people ask me, what I’d do if money were no object, I immediately answer, “Exactly what we’re doing right now, minus the flying”. I would quit my job, we’d travel even more with the RV, not worry about the 183 days/year, that we’re allowed entry into the US, home-school our kids through involvement and discovery, WWOOF to learn the art of organic farming, pet-sit to help other people travel while taking advantage of having hot, 30 minute showers in their home, that we can’t do in the RV and spend more time with my wife and kids!

What are we doing to get closer to that goal? We are slowly developing our Young Living Essential Oil business, adding small but profitable sources of income, getting involved in the social media communities (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and our website), to eventually monetize and create another small source of income, being more careful with our spending habits (the less money you spend, the less money you need to make) and more date nights (with my wife, of course…).

What’s your perspective?

What do you want to see happen in 2019?

What can you do today, to be closer to that goal in 2020?

No one will convince me, that we were put on this planet, to work 40 hours/week for 50 weeks/year, with 2 weeks of vacation, to buy things we don’t truly need, to impress the neighbours (again, keeping up with the Jones’s) or to be part of the 85% of people who hate their job.

Ever watch a video of someone going on an incredible adventure like skydiving, riding a mountain bike atop a two-sided cliff or deep sea diving with a Great White? Yeah, I have no interest in those things either but I’m inspired, that they are doing exactly what they love. You may not want to be a GoPro stunt person but there has to be something more for you to do, then sit in your cubicle, office, work truck or boardroom meeting. What is it? What do you want to do when you grow up? What would put a smile on your face, every morning, knowing that you’re going to do … (insert answer here).


You need motivation to start that business, project, adventure, knitting class?

You are going to die! You are going to die someday and you don’t know when that day will come. Start doing what makes you happy today. Don’t wait till tomorrow cause it might be too late. Understand that this dream, project or adventure won’t happen next week, it can take a while to get there but you have to start. If you don’t start today, next year, you’re in the same spot as you are right now.

Granted, not everyone is meant to sell all their belongings, to buy and live full-time in an RV like we did, but we hope you live a life that inspires you and if you don’t, we hope you find the courage to change it.

We’re inspired to keep the wheels spinning!

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