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The Oily Travelers and Essential Oils

The Oily Travelers and Essential Oils

Our Essential Oils journey

In our travel adventures, we strive for simplicity... It's not always easy and some days are better than others. But our Young Living Essential Oils truly make a difference in our day-to-day life. Thats a lot to get from little bottles of essential oil... trust me i get it. 

We are a house full of beThievers. People who believe in the power of Thieves 🌱

We are a house full of beThievers. People who believe in the power of Thieves 🌱

But heres the thing, Young Living made a huge difference in our world and here’s how.

Our initial goals, were to eliminate toxic chemicals from our traveling home and support our body functions, naturally. We found both, in Young Living. Holistic living has been part of our lives for years, being flight attendants, staying healthy is the name of the game. Having kids also adds a whole other dynamic to the choices we make and the products and things, we allow in our home.

Everything from sniffles and upset tummies, to sleep and calming those tough emotions, essential oils can help. We replaced all chemical cleaning supplies and even incorporated them into our cooking, perhaps it may be easier to discuss areas where we don’t use essential oils… which by the way, are none. They have become threaded into our daily life fibre, as natural alternatives to just about everything. Yes, i’m the crazy oil lady and proud of it.

Truthfully, anything that makes life simpler and eliminates the time we spend reading labels and ingredients, is an all around parenting win… am I right mommas?

We trust the quality and distillation of these essential oils. We've personally visited the farms and witnessed the distillation process. Where your oils come from matters. Trust me on this one! It truly makes a difference and the quality of the Young Living products and supplements, take the guess work out for us. Its called, the Seed to Seal promise, and it’s Young Livings guarantee, with five careful steps to produce the highest quality of essential oils, check it out!

The Young Living Lavender farm in Mona, Utah.

The Young Living Lavender farm in Mona, Utah.

If you think of essential oils in the same way you think of your food, then perhaps this may make more sense. Especially if you, like us are using your oils for their therapeutic properties.   Where have they actually come from? Is the land free from chemicals and pesticides? Have the oils been altered with chemicals or synthetic fillers? Was Hexane or other harsh chemicals used in the extraction process? These my friends are all very important questions you should be asking of the company you buy your essential oils from. The chemicals, in a high concentration level in the essential oils means your body is now exposed to much higher levels of, unwanted additives. This is all making its way into your body.

We found at Young Living, the variety of wellness products and supplements make life, just that much easier and healthier. We trust the company that, has demonstrated integrity.  

Perhaps my favourite part, they ship to my door (where ever it may be) every single month. With our Essential Rewards program. I know for some this may not seem like a big deal but for us, as full-time travelers, having the products shipped to us means I don't have to go search for our favourite products, they’re delivered directly to our door.

And let’s not forget, the cost savings part... Essentail rewards means I save money every month and receive points towards free product… Can you say, winning?

Today for example, like most days, my diffusers (yes, three of them) are running in our RV. One right here beside me, with the beautiful blend of Clarity, as I brainstorm on growing our brand, travel-schooling, sustainable living practices, traveling the world with our kiddos and sharing these beautiful oils, with those looking for natural alternatives.

In my years of using essential oils one thing I am certain of is they belong in each and every home!!! This drives my passion to share essential oils with the people we come in contact with, be it flying, RVing or one of our many adventures. They are truly amazing product that enrich lives in so many ways. We can't help but share. Every essential oil you use, is a chemical you are NOT using… simple as that.

2019 is here and I'm excited to schedule educational discussions along our travel routes. To talk with people about the benefits of products and supplements infused with quality essential oils. To talk about the importance of eliminating toxic chemicals from your life. 

I’m finally making a much overdue attempt, at attaching this blog, and our social media to our Oily Travelers website. So here it goes...

Our motivation in creating our Brand, is to inspire, to share a combination of exploring, outside the box thinking, using essential oils, wellness and sustainable living, parenting, home-schooling and life on the road, traveling as a family.  Our dream is to do this full-time all over the world.  To explore and share the most magnificent adventures. It’s calling our gypsy souls.  Quite often we come across other full-timers, looking for business opportunities that are travel friendly. Well my friends, that is a blog post in itself and trust me, we will get to that.

So, Hey y'all from Florida, where we’re inspired to keep the wheels spinning!


 If you are considering Young Living or have any Essential Oil questions, please reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you and we would be honoured, if you would follow our journey. It aint always pretty but it sure is fun!

And of course if you would like to purchase any Young Living products you can use our direct link and ship the goodness directly to your door.


Your support, purchases and following, inspires us to keep the wheels spinning!

So thank YOU

❤️The Oily Travelers 



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Nice RAK...